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Welcome to Red Branch Baptist Church!
We believe that every person who visits with us online or in person has been led here by God for His purposes
and we are GLAD you have stopped in!

If you are looking for a place to belong, Red Branch may be the place for you.​  

​Please consider visiting us in person to experience the Hope, Grace, Mercy and Love that Jesus Christ provides!

In this world of uncertainty, God still provides hope through His Word and His Church,
​and through the fellowship of believers.


Proclaiming Christ Words of love and hope as we reach our community.


Family                    Evangelism

Relationships       Missions

Fellowship            Community

Service                  Encouragement


Believers with a loving heart sharing Christ’s  love to all.

Meet Pastor Jeff Mitchell

     My wife and I are transplanted Northerners-I am from Ohio, and she is from Vermont. We have three children, Chad, Chase, and Ashlyn. After being stationed at Camp Lejeune with the Marines, I decided to make North Carolina my home. I have been in the ministry for over twenty years and have enjoyed being in the service of the King. 

     I believe the job of a pastor is twofold:

           First,  to build up and strengthen the body of Christ so that they internalize the Gospel message which will impact them individually and be reflected in their marriages, their families, their jobs, their church, and their community.

          Secondly, to lead the church body in reaching out to the surrounding community, lovingly meeting their physical and spiritual needs with the sole purpose of seeing them come to know Christ and live for Christ. 

     Besides spending time with my church family and community, I enjoy golfing, riding bikes, and spending time with my family. 

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